“I’m not happy with that show”

I LOVE being on the radio. It’s my favourite thing in the world, my dream job and I’m incredibly lucky to have my own show every week.

BUT – sometimes things don’t go to plan. I don’t mean that interviews fall through, there’s technical problems or even that a guest has gone rogue. Sometimes – as a presenter – you don’t go to plan. You’re not on your A-game, something is slightly off, things just aren’t sitting right – and you’re not quite sure why either.

The best advice I’ve been given by a radio boss is “give a little bit of yourself away each time you go on air” – be your authentic self and people will connect. It’s something that I think about with every show I do, but what if your “authentic self” during a particular show isn’t how you’d want to be perceived on air? If you’re trying to give a bit of yourself in each show, how do you wrestle internally with a show that isn’t up to your own standards, without ripping yourself to shreds? 

It’s something that no-one ever tells you when you start presenting – and they should, because I know I’m not the only person that has felt this. It can be a bit like social media – everyone seems to be having the best time when they’re on air. But when you’re giving a bit of yourself on-air – and because radio is so personal – a show that doesn’t feel like it hit the mark can feel like a personal failure – it’s because I’ve not been good enough

I’m lucky enough to do a show every week and I try to keep high standards for myself – and I’d like to think that for most shows I do the best job I could do. But it’s inevitable that – every now and then – I’ll present a show that will feel like it didn’t quite hit the mark. The difficult part is separating “me on the radio” from “me”, which – when you’re trying to give a bit of yourself during each show – complicates things slightly.

(Ps – any tips on dealing with this are more than welcome!)